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Alternative Products


4 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
I stumbled across this app yesterday and only wish I had done so sooner. Even though we have been keeping discontinued products archived on our Diecast Model Centre store for the benefit of search engine rankings, that is as far as most visitors would go - see an out of stock product and leave our store to visit our competitors. Now, with this app, we have a good chance of offering them something similar and grab that sale before they check out our competitors. Setting up is an absolute doddle, and within a few minutes I had set up our first alternative product. I love the fact that you can set up as many alternative scenarios as you want and apply to each product independently; be it, a discontinued product, a product we choose to no longer stock, a hard to source product that is out of stock etc., the only limit here is your imagination and needs. It's too early for us to assess the results, but I am confident that it will be a benefit to us, so much so, that I upgraded us to the unlimited plan almost immediately and think it will be money well spent. My only question is, how come only 3 other reviews? Everyone who has a changing inventory should be using this app - unless you are one of our competitors . If you'd like to see the app in action, here's a good example on our store: