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Exit Popups & Upsells by Ampry


2 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
We have been using Ampry for over 2 years now and am amazed at the conversions we are getting with multiple upsell options they created, a free shipping status bar, bundle packs and exit intent. Worth the money!
AAfterShip Mobile User
Was sold on the guarantee of a 20% increase in sales after 90 days of paying for the managed service. Once implemented I noticed a decrease in conversion rate and brought it to their attention immediately. I continued working with them week after week to see if anything could be done, implemented differently, or added that would correct the slide in performance. (Our performance had been increasing MOM the prior 3 months) While with Ampry we did not see the guaranteed increase and my emails to them have gone unanswered concerning the guarantee. Should they decide to honor the guarantee I will update this review. Until then, looks like their guarantee is not honored.