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Agora ‑ Amazon Affiliate Tool


4 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
I chose this app because it allows me to import 100 products for free and under the same conditions as paid ones, so I can test whether they are suitable for me. When I looked at apps from other companies in the sector, I didn't trust them because they only allowed me to try 10 products or tended to ask me to buy a subscription. Reviews that only use the app for a few minutes or for a day or two are not helpful. I recommend checking Agora's official YouTube video and website before installation. Instructions are well provided. Once installed, a simple interface is in front of you, and can be created intuitively from the affiliate screen by inserting your Amazon Associate ID. The major problem I encountered with the app was that when I set it to the translated version, the Amazon cart button did not appear and the Shopify cart was reflected. The person in charge, Frank, was quick to respond and correct the issue, so the translated page also shows the Amazon cart and does not affect the carts of other suppliers. Support is available, and the response is courteous.
AAfterShip Mobile User
I installed this and I love it. The link buttons sit where they should sit. The products look natural. The images look great. The text comes in accurately. You even have control over the URL on the backend of this tool. It makes the import process fast.I recommend it if you are looking to keep your website looking good during the import process. It noticed this tool wasn't designed to import digital products--so if you see complaints--maybe that's why. Agora works. It is reliable. It's effective. It doesn't insert a bunch of weird code everywhere, either. I asked support a question and got a prompt response.
AAfterShip Mobile User
Product can not be added! So this app is useless. :( ----------------------------------------------------------------------
AAfterShip Mobile User
Zero customer service. Zero instructions on anything beyond creating a link. Email them for support, no reply at all.