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Bandcamp Order Tracking

Total Bandcamp Stores by Region

The eCommerce industry develops at different stages in various regions. Among the platforms we monitor, United States stands out with the highest number of online stores, indicating the prosperity of its eCommerce economy. Additionally, both United Kingdom and Canada have a strong presence of online shops, accounting for 14.28% and 6.29% of the global online store market.

United States70.65K65.64%
United Kingdom15.37K14.28%
New Zealand7140.66%

Total Bandcamp Stores by Industry

Here is a statistical breakdown illustrating the industries to which eCommerce stores belong, along with the proportions of each category. We observe that Arts & Entertainment represents the industry in which most online store owners compete, capturing 94.43% of the market share. people-society and Games are also popular choices among owners, ranking second and third on the list. Additionally, other noteworthy industries in eCommerce include Sports, Science and Food & Drink. They hold 0.39%, 0.31% and 0.28% of the market share, respectively.

Arts & Entertainment42.93K94.43%
Food & Drink1280.28%
Jobs & Education940.21%
Books & Literature900.20%

Bandcamp Stores

Summer In October, Winter In July by Rothko, released 09 October 2023
Estimated monthly revenue: 51K-100K
Michelle JohnsonBandcamp
I'm All In by Michelle Johnson, released 09 August 1999It was so easy when I was young My fingers slipped over keys and told stories of songs that were still unsungI wrapped my heart in each word from youYou were the light in the tunnel that led to the path I was headed to.But time will make you forgetall your "meant to be's"Living your life by what the outside seesAnd I've been gone for so longSo I'm letting you knowI'm letting you seeJust what's become Of the woman you helped me to be And I'm running my raceMy face to the wind Circling back to the placeWhere you helped me beginBut this time, I'll all in.I thought my heart and my soul were gone.As though you left me alone withNo rhyme and no reason to carry on.So I got lost in the maddening crowd. And through the chaos around me my heart was still longing to sing out loud. And all the scenes in my life they came back to me. All stitched together like a Tapestry. And I've been gone for too long.So I'm letting you knowI'm letting you seeJust what's become Of the woman you helped me to be And I'm running my raceMy face to the wind Circling back to the placeWhere you helped me beginAnd this time, I'll all in.This time, I'm all in.
Estimated monthly revenue: 31K-50K
Beth Ann McDowell (Littlefoot)Bandcamp
Beth Ann McDowell (Littlefoot).Minneapolis, Minnesota.Beth Ann McDowell, also known as Littlefoot, has an album produced by Walt Vincent (Pete Yorn, Liz Phair, Scarlett Johansson) out now on Pitch and Prose record label. The full length LP will take her back to her roots: indie rock. Her new single is out in January 2022, titled "Killers Of The Early Morning." The indie songstress has been compared to Emily Haines and Liz Phair.
Estimated monthly revenue: 1K-10K
STONE by Baroness, released 15 September 20231. Embers2. Last Word3. Beneath the Rose4. Choir5. The Dirge6. Anodyne7. Shine8. Magnolia9. Under the Wheel10. BloomBaroness return with their highly-anticipated sixth album, STONE, on Sept. 15 via Abraxan Hymns. While they wrote STONE, frontman John Baizley recorded and pre-mixed it in real time, giving each song on STONE its own sonic treatment. The album features original cover art by John Baizley.
Estimated monthly revenue: 31K-50K
Cookin SoulBandcamp
Cookin Soul.Spain.Platinum Producer/DJ, Grammy award winner.
Estimated monthly revenue: 31K-50K
Rodrigo y GabrielaBandcamp
Rodrigo y Gabriela.Mexico.
Estimated monthly revenue: 31K-50K
Voyager.Perth, Australia.Get ready to witness a genre-transfiguring quintet take the stage like never before! Hailing from Australia, Voyager has shattered expectations with their resilient and determined attitude. The new album 'Fearless in Love' is next-level prog metal mastery that shatters all archetypes and expectations. Available NOW!
Estimated monthly revenue: 31K-50K
Rina SawayamaBandcamp
Hold The Girl by Rina Sawayama, released 16 September 20221. Minor Feelings2. Hold The Girl3. This Hell4. Catch Me In The Air5. Forgiveness6. Holy (Til You Let Me Go)7. Your Age8. Imagining9. Frankenstein10. Hurricanes11. Send My Love To John12. Phantom13. To Be AliveFollowing on from her critically acclaimed debut “SAWAYAMA”, Rina Sawayama’s highly anticipated new record “Hold The Girl” sees Rina once again juxtapose intimate storytelling with arena-sized songs, creating another ambitious and original album to excite fans and critics alike.Written and recorded over the last ​​year and a half, Rina once again teamed up with longterm collaborators Clarence Clarity and Lauren Aquilina as well as enlisting help from the likes of the legendary Paul Epworth (Adele, Florence & the Machine), Stuart Price (Dua Lipa, The Killers, Madonna) and Marcus Andersson (Demi Lovato, Ashnikko) for their magic touch. The product of Rina and these collective minds coming together is an album which melds influences from across the pop spectrum and is a bold and honest statement of Rina’s personal evolution; coming to terms with her own past and the jubilation of turning to the future.
Estimated monthly revenue: 31K-50K
soccer mommyBandcamp
Karaoke Night by soccer mommy, released 22 September 20231. Here2. Soak Up The Sun3. Dagger4. I'm Only Me When I'm With You5. Losing My Religion
Estimated monthly revenue: 31K-50K
Relapse AlumniBandcamp
Relapse Alumni.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Classic albums from the esteemed alumni of Relapse Records including Mastodon, Incantation, High on Fire, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Nile, Amorphis and many more!
Estimated monthly revenue: 31K-50K
How To Live With Yourself / Smoke Screen by PUP, released 07 June 20231. How To Live With Yourself2. Smoke Screen
Estimated monthly revenue: 31K-50K
the Mountain GoatsBandcamp
the Mountain Goats.Durham, North Carolina.John Darnielle has written almost 600 songs now, and some of them are very sad, dealing with hard drugs and tragic ends, hurting yourself and others, sicknesses of both body and brain, off-brand alcohols. They are told in beautiful, unnerving, specific detail because he is a very good writer, and also some of them are just true stories about his own life.—John Hodgman, 2012
Estimated monthly revenue: 31K-50K