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Explore the comprehensive list of eCommerce websites, find out their monthly traffic, revenue, domain ranking, and social media following. Learn about the software and eCommerce platforms they use to achieve their accomplishments. Take inspiration from their latest email campaigns that help them drive growth.

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  1. Famous Smoke ShopCustom Cart
    Famous Smoke is an online retailer specializing in cigars, humidors, and cigar accessories. The company is headquartered in Easton, Pennsylvania, and has been in business since 1939. Famous Smoke offers a wide variety of premium handmade cigars from top brands such as Arturo Fuente, Padron, and Montecristo. **Product Selection** Famous Smoke features an extensive selection of cigars, ranging from luxury brands to budget-friendly options. Their inventory includes both regular production cigars and limited edition releases, catering to various tastes and preferences. In addition to cigars, the website offers humidifiers, hygrometers, cutters, lighters, ashtrays, and other cigar-related accessories. **Cigar Auctions** Famous Smoke also hosts cigar auctions that allow enthusiasts to bid on rare and exclusive items. These auctions provide customers with the potential to obtain desirable products at competitive prices. **Customer Service** Famous Smoke takes pride in its exceptional customer service. Their knowledgeable staff can assist customers in finding the perfect cigar or accessory based on their needs and preferences. Customers can reach out to the support team through email or phone. **Deals and Promotions** The website frequently features deals and promotions on various products. It also offers a membership program called "Cigar Monster," where members receive exclusive access to discounted items, daily deals, and free shipping on qualifying orders. **Shipping Policy** Famous Smoke ships cigars across the United States (excluding South Dakota) while adhering to all regulations regarding tobacco sales. They do not ship their products internationally due to varying tobacco import laws from country to country.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 301M-500M
  2. Grasscity.comMagento
    Grasscity is a leading online smoke shop that offers the largest range of bongs, dab rigs, water pipes, glass pipes, bubblers, vaporizers and accessories.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 501M-1B
  3. LeaflyCustom Cart
    Leafly is the leading destination to learn about, find, and order cannabis. Learn more about types of weed strains and discover marijuana dispensaries near you.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 301M-500M
  4. Smoke CartelShopify
    Smoke Cartel is an online retailer specializing in glassware and smoking accessories. They offer a wide range of products, including water pipes, vaporizers, dab rigs, and more. The brand is committed to providing high-quality products for their customers, with a focus on unique and innovative designs. **Product Categories** Smoke Cartel's inventory is organized into several main product categories: 1. Glass – Offers a variety of water pipes, bongs, bubblers, hand pipes, and other glassware items. 2. Vaporizers – Includes dry herb vaporizers, portable vaporizers, desktop vaporizers, and vaporizer pen devices. 3. Dab Rigs – Features an extensive collection of dab rigs designed for use with concentrates and oils. 4. Grinders – Provides a selection of herb grinders in various materials such as metal, wood, or acrylic. 5. Accessories – Covers a wide range of smoking accessories such as rolling papers, ashtrays, cleaning supplies, storage containers, and lighters. **Shipping and Returns** The brand ships its products worldwide and within the United States using discreet packaging to maintain customer privacy. Orders over $100 receive free shipping within the U.S. In case the customers are not satisfied with their purchase or receive a defective item, they can return or exchange the items within 7 days after delivery date. **Payment Methods** Smoke Cartel accepts multiple payment methods including major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), Bitcoin / cryptocurrency (through BitPay), interest-free installments (through Sezzle), and e-check (through Green Pay). **Customer Reviews** The brand has received positive feedback from customers for its quality products and exceptional customer service. They have a 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot based on over 2,000 reviews from satisfied customers.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1B-10B
  5. ZamnesiaCustom Cart
    Visit Zamnesia to buy the highest quality Cannabis Seeds, CBD Oil, Headshop, Vaporizers and Smartshop products. Quick and discreet shipping and ultimate customer service.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 201M-300M
  6. JR CigarsSalesforce Commerce Cloud
    JR Cigars is the world's largest cigar store and the best place to buy premium cigars online. Browse JR Cigars for exclusive daily deals and the best prices.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 301M-500M
  7. DoubleBlind MagCustom Cart
    DoubleBlind is an online magazine and educational platform focused on psychedelic culture, science, and spirituality. The mission of DoubleBlind is to provide readers with accurate and reliable information about the growing field of psychedelics. The website's content includes breaking news, in-depth features, and opinion pieces written by various experts and contributors. **Core Topics** DoubleBlind covers a diverse range of topics such as psychedelic research, mental health treatments, policy updates, and legalization efforts. It also delves into indigenous plant medicine, exploring its cultural significance and the long history of its use in traditional healing practices. **Podcast** DoubleBlind offers a podcast that dives into intriguing conversations with scientists, therapists, artists, and other experts in the field of psychedelics. The podcast explores how these substances can be used for personal growth, wellness, and to revolutionize society. **Shop** The DoubleBlind online shop offers a range of psychedelic-inspired products such as educational booklets, exclusive artwork prints, clothing items like t-shirts and hats bearing the DoubleBlind logo or unique designs. **Courses** DoubleBlind also provides online courses aimed at educating people about the safe and responsible use of psychedelics. These courses cover different topics such as how to grow your own mushrooms or understanding the science and history behind specific substances. Enrolling in a course grants access to exclusive content featuring interviews with professionals in the field. **Events** Finally, DoubleBlind hosts digital events on a regular basis sponsoring seminars or workshops led by industry leaders discussing mental health topics or providing insights related to psychedelic research.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 201M-300M
  8. Daily High ClubShopify
    The BEST Smoking Subscription Box service, offering the lowest prices on bongs, bubblers, dab rigs, glass pipes, vaporizers, and more! Come visit our online head shop with fast shipping & No BS!
    Estimated monthly revenue: 201M-300M
  9. shopcannastyle.comShopify
    CannaStyle is an online boutique that specializes in cannabis-themed clothing, accessories, and home decor. Their aim is to provide high-quality, stylish products that cater to the interests and needs of cannabis enthusiasts. With a wide range of unique and trendy items, they have become a popular choice for those looking to express their passion for the plant. **Product Categories** CannaStyle offers various product categories such as apparel, accessories, home decor, and lifestyle items. These include t-shirts, hoodies, dresses, hats, pins, stickers, bags, jewelry, as well as art prints, pillows, and phone cases. **Pricing and Discounts** The website offers competitive prices on their products with occasional sales and promotions. Signing up for their mailing list can also provide access to exclusive discounts, new arrivals information, and giveaways. **Shipping** CannaStyle ships both domestically within the United States and internationally to select countries. Shipping fees and delivery times vary depending on the location and the chosen shipping method. **Returns & Exchanges** The website accepts returns within 14 days of purchase if the items are in new and unused condition. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs. Exchanges may be possible if the desired product is in stock. It's essential to contact their customer service team prior to returning an item for any reason. **Payment Methods** CannaStyle accepts various payment methods including major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) as well as PayPal transactions for a secure and convenient shopping experience.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 201M-300M
  10. Zippo USAShopify
    Zippo is an American brand primarily recognized for its iconic reusable metal lighters. The official website offers a convenient online shopping platform where customers can browse through and purchase a wide array of Zippo products. **Product Categories** The main product categories on the website include Lighters, Outdoor (such as campfire accessories), Accessories (such as lighter fluid and flints), Watches, Writing Instruments, Apparel, Gear, and Gifts. They also offer limited edition and collectible products. **Customization** Zippo provides customers the option to personalize their lighters with custom designs, choosing from a vast selection of artwork and fonts. Users can upload their own images and create unique engravings on many Zippo lighter models. **Services** In addition to selling products, the website also allows users to access Zippo's Repair Clinic service. Customers can submit a request for lighter repairs, as well as obtain spare parts or replacement components. **International Availability** Zippo ships its products worldwide through its online store. The website allows users to select their country and currency for an easy shopping experience. **Customer Support** To assist customers, Zippo offers a comprehensive FAQ section on its website that addresses common queries. For further assistance, they provide a "Contact Us" form to get in touch with the customer support team directly.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 301M-500M
  11. Element VapeMagento
    Shop incredible deals at Element Vape, a progressive online retail establishment serving the vaping community with mod kits, pod systems, and premium eJuice.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1B-10B
  12. PuffcoShopify
    Puffco vaporizers provide the clearest expression of concentrates with intuitive, easy-to-use products that create a full spectrum experience unlike anything else.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 501M-1B
  13. 420 ScienceShopify
    420 Science is an online store that specializes in selling various cannabis-related products. It was founded in 2004 by Matt LaPrairie and Gary Kanning, with the goal of offering high-quality, affordable products for cannabis enthusiasts. **Product Categories** 420 Science offers a wide range of products, including: - Glass storage jars: The company is best known for their glass storage jars, which are designed to keep cannabis fresh and odor-free for extended periods. These jars come in various sizes and styles, with some featuring unique artwork or limited edition designs. - Concentrate containers: They provide non-stick silicone concentrate containers suitable for storing various types of cannabis extracts. - Smoking accessories: The store sells vaporizers, pipes, bongs, dab rigs, and other smoking accessories from well-known brands like PAX, Grenco Science, Grav Labs, and more. - Cleaning supplies: 420 Science offers cleaning products specifically designed to maintain the cleanliness of glass pieces and vaporizers. **Additional Features** In addition to selling products, 420 Science provides educational content about cannabis use and care. Their blog features articles on topics like cannabis news, strain reviews, and smoking tips. **Shipping and Returns** 420 Science ships their products worldwide. They offer free shipping on orders over $49 within the United States. Customers can return unused items within 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund or exchange.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 201M-300M
  14. Blazy SusanWooCommerce
    Shop Blazy Susan's extra functional rolling trays, smoking accessory organizers, and world famous pink rolling papers. Denver CO
    Estimated monthly revenue: 101M-200M
  15. GRAVShopify
    Welcome to GRAV! We're a pipe company based in Austin, Texas. Home of Helix, STAX, and the original Gravitron. Find a new bong or bowl for any style or budget today!
    Estimated monthly revenue: 101M-200M
  16. I Love Growing MarijuanaCustom Cart
    The expert source on how to grow marijuana by Robert Bergman, Amsterdam. Grow successfully with our guides and helpful experts!
    Estimated monthly revenue: 101M-200M
  17. WeedmapsCustom Cart
    Find medical & recreational marijuana dispensaries, brands, deliveries, deals & doctors near you.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1B-10B
    Estimated monthly visitors: 11M-20M
  18. Dr. DabberShopify
    Award-winning creators of the most reliable, high-quality vape pens, wax pens, and dab pens. Inventors of the Boost Evo eRig, the world’s first portable electric dab rig, and the SWITCH, the most sophisticated dual-use vaporizer on earth. Elevate your vaporizing experience with Dr. Dabber.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 201M-300M
  19. Best Cigar PricesCustom Cart
    Shop premium cigars and accessories from Drew Estate, Garcia y Vega, and other brands you love. Best Cigar Prices is proudly American owned and operated.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 101M-200M
  20. Vape SuperstoreShopify
    Vape Superstore is a leading UK vape shop, your one stop shop for the biggest brands in vaping. Shop now for unbeatable prices on vape kits, e-liquids & more.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 101M-200M