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Explore the comprehensive list of eCommerce websites, find out their monthly traffic, revenue, domain ranking, and social media following. Learn about the software and eCommerce platforms they use to achieve their accomplishments. Take inspiration from their latest email campaigns that help them drive growth.

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  1. WIREDCustom Cart
    Wired is a leading technology and innovation magazine that covers a wide range of topics including business, culture, gear, security, transportation, and science. First established in 1993 as a print publication, it has since expanded to include a robust online presence. **Content and Coverage** Wired features news articles, opinion pieces, in-depth reviews, and interviews with industry leaders, researchers, and trendsetters in various fields. The site is known for its high-quality journalism and attention to detail in covering cutting-edge technology trends and the latest scientific advancements. Moreover, Wired also publishes guides on a variety of tech products to help users make informed buying decisions. **Audience** Wired caters to professionals, students, tech enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the latest advancements within the technology industry or the implications of those advancements on society. This diverse audience drives Wired's commitment to producing well-researched and versatile content. **Contributors** The site includes content contributions from experienced journalists as well as subject matter experts who provide authoritative analyses on different topics. Many contributors have backgrounds in technology-related industries or academic research, ensuring that Wired's content remains accurate and up-to-date. **Subscription** While some content on Wired is accessible for free without registration, they also offer a premium subscription model that grants users unlimited access to all articles and exclusive subscriber benefits. This helps support their mission of delivering unbiased journalism in the ever-evolving world of technology.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1B-10B
    Estimated monthly visitors: 11M-20M
  2. Popular MechanicsMagento
    Popular Mechanics is an American magazine and website that focuses on various topics related to technology, science, automotive, DIY projects, and outdoors. It was first published in January 1902 as a print magazine. **Content Coverage** Popular Mechanics offers a wide range of informative articles, how-tos, and news stories covering an array of topics, such as: - Automotive: Featuring car reviews, the latest automotive technology, maintenance tips, and industry news. - Technology: Covering gadgets, consumer electronics, home entertainment systems, and emerging technologies. - Science: Reporting on the latest scientific research and discoveries in physics, space exploration, and environmental science. - DIY Projects: Providing step-by-step guides on home improvement projects, woodworking plans, and other practical crafts. - Outdoor Gear: Featuring product reviews for camping equipment, outdoor tools, and survival gear. **Notable Regular Features** The website includes several notable columns such as _New Technology Breakdown_, which explains the latest technological advancements to users in an accessible manner; _Tested_, where the editors examine a wide range of products by putting them through real-world use before making their recommendations. **Subscription Options** Although much of the content is free to access online, some features are exclusive to subscribers. Subscriptions are available for the print magazine or digital edition. Paid subscribers get access to exclusive articles and podcasts in addition to ad-free browsing experience.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1B-10B
    Estimated monthly visitors: 1M-10M
  3. TeachMeAnatomyWooCommerce
    Containing over 700 vibrant, full-colour images, TeachMeAnatomy is a comprehensive anatomy encyclopedia presented in a visually-appealing, easy-to-read format.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 21M-30M
  4. ADDitudeWooCommerce
    Additude Magazine is a resource that focuses on providing information and support for individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and related conditions. Established in 1998, the platform caters to parents, teachers, and individuals affected by ADHD, offering expert tips, life strategies, and in-depth articles. **Content and Features** Additude Magazine covers a wide range of topics related to ADHD and other associated conditions such as learning disabilities, anxiety, and autism. The content is organized into various sections such as parenting, school and learning, adult ADHD, diagnosis and treatment, and life management. In addition to articles written by experts in the field of ADHD treatment and research, the website also features webinars, videos, podcasts, ebooks, downloadable resources like worksheets and checklists. **Community Support** They offer forums where users can interact with others who share similar experiences or concerns. This creates an online community designed to provide emotional support, guidance, and advice for people living with ADHD. **Subscription** While some content is available for free on their website, they also offer a paid digital subscription which provides access to their subscriber-only resources aimed at helping users better understand and manage ADHD.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1B-10B
  5. 23andMeCustom Cart
    23andMe is a personal genomics and biotechnology company that offers DNA testing services to help customers understand their ancestry, genetic traits, and predispositions to various health conditions. Founded in 2006 by Anne Wojcicki, Linda Avey, and Paul Cusenza, the company is named after the 23 pairs of chromosomes found in human cells. **DNA Testing Services** 23andMe provides two types of DNA testing services: Ancestry + Traits Service and Health + Ancestry Service. The Ancestry + Traits Service focuses on uncovering your ancestry composition and exploring genetic traits. The Health + Ancestry Service offers the same ancestry features along with more than 150 personalized health reports, including genetic predispositions for certain conditions and carrier status for specific inherited diseases. **How It Works** To use 23andMe's services, customers must first purchase a DNA testing kit online. Upon receiving your kit, you will provide a saliva sample following the instructions provided, then register your sample online before mailing it back to their laboratory. In approximately three to five weeks, you will receive an email notifying you that your results are available to view on the 23andMe website. **Privacy and Security** 23andMe takes customer privacy seriously and follows strict measures to ensure the confidentiality of your genetic data. They store your information securely and give you full control over how your data is shared or used for research purposes. **Mobile App** In addition to their website, 23andMe offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices that allows users to access their test results and receive updates about their DNA findings on-the-go.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1B-10B
  6. VIVECustom Cart
    Vive is a brand associated with virtual reality (VR) hardware and software products. Their primary focus is on providing cutting-edge VR solutions for consumers, businesses, and developers. The website offers access to their VR products, including headsets and accessories, as well as support and resources for users. **Product Offering** Vive's product range includes the VIVE Pro series, the VIVE Cosmos series, and VIVE Focus series. Each headset varies in design and specifications to cater to different user demands. Additionally, they also offer various accessories such as controllers, base stations, and replacement parts. **VIVEPORT** Viveport is Vive's digital distribution platform where users can purchase and download various VR applications, games, and experiences. With a Viveport Infinity subscription, members receive unlimited access to a vast library of titles on their platform. **Business Solutions** Vive provides tailored solutions for enterprise clients via its "VIVE Business" section. This includes enterprise-focused VR systems equipped with professional features, VIVE Sync for remote collaboration in virtual meetings rooms, and other services like training and support. **Developer Resources** The website offers resources for developers looking to create content compatible with Vive's VR systems: SDKs, documentation, developer community support, forums, and access to VIVEPORT Developer Console for publishing content. **Support and Community** Vive emphasizes customer support by providing troubleshooting guides, FAQs, software downloads, warranty information, live chat support with agents, as well as user forums where participants can discuss VR-related topics.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 201M-300M
  7. iMoreCustom Cart
    The ultimate guide to the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Vision Pro, and Apple Watch. Don't miss our news, reviews, & how-tos, and the latest on MacOS and iOS.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1M-10M
  8. National Autistic SocietyCustom Cart
    We are the UKs leading charity for autistic people and their families. Since 1962, we have been providing support, guidance and advice, as well as campaigning for improved rights, services and opportunities to help create a society that works for autistic people.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1M-10M
  9. BGRCustom Cart
    Launched in 2006, BGR publishes the latest tech news stories, entertainment and science coverage, expert product reviews, and the best tech deals.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1M-10M
    Estimated monthly visitors: 1M-10M
  10. IEEECustom Cart
    IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1B-10B
    Estimated monthly visitors: 1M-10M
  11. Space.comCustom Cart
    Get the latest space exploration, innovation and astronomy news. celebrates humanity's ongoing expansion across the final frontier.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 11B-20B
  12. iRobot®Salesforce Commerce Cloud
    iRobot is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing robotic products for home cleaning purposes. It was founded in 1990 by three members of MIT's Artificial Intelligence Lab - Rodney Brooks, Colin Angle, and Helen Greiner. **Product Line** iRobot's primary product line includes the Roomba series of robotic vacuum cleaners, the Braava mopping robots, and the Mirra pool cleaning robots. The Roomba series is especially popular for its ability to navigate around obstacles and maintain cleanliness with minimal intervention from users. **Technology** iRobot utilizes advanced technologies like iAdapt navigation, AeroForce cleaning system, and Dirt Detect sensors in their products to ensure efficient operation. In addition, newer models are Wi-Fi enabled, allowing users to operate and schedule cleaning tasks through mobile applications. **Customer Support** The company offers robust customer support options like FAQ sections, product manuals, video tutorials on their website. Customers can also contact iRobot support via phone or email assistance. **Online Store** iRobot has an online store where customers can purchase products directly from the manufacturer. The store provides information about pricing, product specifications, and offers a range of accessories like filters and replacement parts. **Social Responsibility** iRobot is environmentally conscious and offers a recycling program for customers to send back their Roomba batteries for proper disposal. The company is also committed to supporting STEM education initiatives through iRobot STEM programs and by partnering with educational institutions.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1B-10B
  13. Fungi PerfectiShopify
    Fungi Perfecti® is a family-owned, environmentally friendly company specializing in using mushrooms to improve the health of the planet and its people. Founded by mycologist and author Paul Stamets in 1980, we are leaders in a new wave of technologies harnessing the inherent power of mushrooms and mycelium worldwide.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1M-10M
  14. WIRED UKCustom Cart
    Wired UK is the British edition of the popular technology and innovation magazine and online platform, Wired. It focuses on reporting groundbreaking technologies, thought-provoking content, and innovations across various disciplines such as business, culture, design, and science. The publication offers informative articles, high-quality journalism, and captivating visuals to keep its audience engaged. **Content** Wired UK features a wide range of content, including news articles, long-form reports, and opinion pieces about technology trends and advancements. It covers topics like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, space exploration, biotechnology, gaming, virtual reality, electric vehicles, and more. **Podcasts** The platform offers a variety of podcasts catering to audiences with different interests within the tech industry. These podcasts cover technology news highlights, interviews with leaders in innovation, insightful discussions on significant digital trends and industry secrets. **Events** Wired UK hosts several events throughout the year to promote innovative ideas and bring together the brightest minds from various fields. These events include conferences, panel discussions, workshops on various topics such as security and AI. **Subscription** Wired UK offers both print magazine subscriptions and digital access options. Readers have the choice between print-only subscriptions or a combination of print and digital access at a discounted rate. The digital subscription includes unlimited access to online content for desktops and mobile devices.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 301M-500M
    Estimated monthly visitors: 501K-1M
  15. ATCCCustom Cart
    ATCC is a nonprofit organization that collects, stores, and distributes standard reference microorganisms, cell lines, and other materials for research and development.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1M-10M
  16. ASMECustom Cart
    ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) promotes the art, science & practice of multidisciplinary engineering around the globe.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 201M-300M
  17. Pi My Life UpWooCommerce
    Pi My Life Up is where you can find some of the best Raspberry Pi projects and tech tutorials on the web. Come and check them out.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1M-10M
  18. Parametric ArchitectureWooCommerce
    Parametric Architecture is a digital platform focusing on the latest developments in the field of parametric, computational, and digital architecture. The platform covers a wide array of topics and subjects related to contemporary architectural practices, techniques, and technologies. **Content and Features** The website provides various types of content, such as articles, interviews, case studies, tutorials, and news related to digital architecture. It primarily focuses on projects that employ parametric design, computational design methods, and innovative solutions in the field of architecture. The website also showcases work from architects, designers, researchers, and artists worldwide. **Community** Parametric Architecture has an active community that participates in discussions and shares their work through various channels. Users can join this community by subscribing to their newsletter or engaging with them on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. **Events** The platform also hosts events such as workshops, conferences, webinars, and talks led by industry experts who discuss their experiences working with parametric design tools or creating innovative projects. **Learning Resources** Parametric Architecture provides learning resources for professionals seeking to improve their skills in using parametric software tools like Grasshopper and Rhino. They feature tutorials explaining different techniques that can be implemented using these tools.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 31M-50M
  19. CelestronShopify
    We process your personal data as stated in our Privacy Policy. Please check the box below to agree to receiving email from us. I agree (required). Sign Up & ...
    Estimated monthly revenue: 201M-300M
  20. www.wildfooduk.comWooCommerce
    Mushroom and other wild food foraging courses all over the UK. Mushroom and plant guides, wild food recipes. 01981 590 604
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1M-10M