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Explore the comprehensive list of eCommerce websites, find out their monthly traffic, revenue, domain ranking, and social media following. Learn about the software and eCommerce platforms they use to achieve their accomplishments. Take inspiration from their latest email campaigns that help them drive growth.

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  1. PlayStation® Official SiteCustom Cart
    Explore the new generation PlayStation 4 and PS5 consoles - experience immersive gaming with thousands of hit games in every genre to rewrite the rules for what a PlayStation console can do.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 31B-50B
    Estimated monthly visitors: 11M-20M
  2. ASUS GlobalCustom Cart
    Official Source for ASUS Genuine Accessories & ASUS extended warranty products in Canada
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1B-10B
  3. WIREDCustom Cart
    Wired is a leading technology and innovation magazine that covers a wide range of topics including business, culture, gear, security, transportation, and science. First established in 1993 as a print publication, it has since expanded to include a robust online presence. **Content and Coverage** Wired features news articles, opinion pieces, in-depth reviews, and interviews with industry leaders, researchers, and trendsetters in various fields. The site is known for its high-quality journalism and attention to detail in covering cutting-edge technology trends and the latest scientific advancements. Moreover, Wired also publishes guides on a variety of tech products to help users make informed buying decisions. **Audience** Wired caters to professionals, students, tech enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the latest advancements within the technology industry or the implications of those advancements on society. This diverse audience drives Wired's commitment to producing well-researched and versatile content. **Contributors** The site includes content contributions from experienced journalists as well as subject matter experts who provide authoritative analyses on different topics. Many contributors have backgrounds in technology-related industries or academic research, ensuring that Wired's content remains accurate and up-to-date. **Subscription** While some content on Wired is accessible for free without registration, they also offer a premium subscription model that grants users unlimited access to all articles and exclusive subscriber benefits. This helps support their mission of delivering unbiased journalism in the ever-evolving world of technology.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1B-10B
    Estimated monthly visitors: 11M-20M
  4. Lenovo USCustom Cart
    Lenovo is a multinational technology company known for its extensive range of electronic devices, including laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and accessories. The Lenovo website serves as a platform for customers worldwide to explore and purchase its wide array of products. **Product Categories** The main product categories on the Lenovo site include: 1. Laptops & Ultrabooks 2. Desktops & All in Ones 3. Workstations 4. Tablets 5. Smartphones 6. Smart Office 7. Monitors 8. Accessories & Software **Services** Lenovo also offers various services such as: 1. Device as a Service (DaaS) - A subscription model for organizations to manage their devices and software conveniently. 2. Premier Support - Enhanced support to help businesses with their technical issues. 3. Warranty & Protection - Extended warranty options and protection services for devices. **Support** The website provides extensive support resources for customers, including: 1. Technical support - Guides, troubleshooting steps, and specification sheets. 2. Warranty lookup - Check the warranty status of Lenovo products. 3. Driver & Software downloads - Obtain the latest drivers and software updates for Lenovo devices. **Store Locator** Customers may use the Store Locator feature to find physical locations or authorized resellers near them to explore and purchase Lenovo products.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1B-10B
    Estimated monthly visitors: 1M-10M
  5. Newegg.comCustom Cart
    Newegg is a leading online retailer specializing in consumer electronics, computer hardware, and software products. Founded in 2001, the company has grown to be one of the most reputable sources for purchasing tech products at competitive prices. **Product Categories** Newegg offers a wide range of product categories including: computers and laptops, components and peripherals, gaming equipment, home electronics, smart home devices, mobile phones and accessories, software solutions, automotive electronics, and more. Additionally, they also offer a broad selection of DIY products ranging from tools to appliances. **Fast Shipping and Customer Support** Newegg is known for its fast shipping services and reliable customer support. They have various shipping options to match the urgency of your order. Most products are delivered within three business days or less. Their customer support team is available through live chat, email, and phone to help you with any questions or concerns. **Marketplace Platform** Besides their own inventory, Newegg also provides a marketplace platform for third-party sellers. This expands on their product offerings and opens doors for manufacturers and businesses to reach Newegg's large customer base. **Customer Reviews and Product Quality** Newegg values transparency in product quality by allowing customers to post reviews on purchased items. These honest reviews help users make informed decisions about the products they are considering.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 11B-20B
    Estimated monthly visitors: 11M-20M
  6. HPHCL Commerce
    HP is a multinational technology company that specializes in developing and manufacturing a wide range of computing, data storage, and networking hardware, as well as designing software and delivering services. Their product offerings include personal computers, laptops, printers, scanners, and other related peripherals. HP's products and services are targeted at consumers, small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and large enterprises. **Company History** HP (Hewlett-Packard) was founded in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in a small garage in Palo Alto, California. The company started by producing electronic test equipment and eventually expanded into producing computers, calculators, and printers. In 2015, HP split into two separate companies: HP Inc., which focuses on personal computers and printers, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), which focuses on enterprise products and services. **Product Lines** HP's primary product lines include: - Personal Computing: Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and workstations for various use cases. - Printing: Home or office printers, including laserjet (monochrome & color), inkjet or Sprocket instant ink photo printers. - Ink & Toner supplies: A range of compatible ink cartridges or toner for various printer models. - Accessories: Monitors, keyboards, mice, external hard drives as well as other computer accessories. HP products are available both online through their official website as well as third-party retailers. **Support and Services** The company offers extensive support resources such as software downloads, troubleshooting guides, driver updates, warranty information, and dedicated customer support via phone or chat for technical issues or general inquiries about their products.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 301B-500B
    Estimated monthly visitors: 11M-20M
  7. MomentCustom Cart
    Moment is an online store that provides a wide range of photography and videography equipment for both professional and amateur content creators. They offer a variety of high-quality products, which include lenses, camera accessories, tripods, bags, and more. **Product Categories** Moment offers several product categories to cater to various photography and videography needs: 1. *Lenses*: Mobile lenses designed for smartphones to improve image quality and enable different shooting styles (e.g. wide-angle, macro, telephoto). 2. *Cases & Accessories*: Protective cases for smartphones with mountable lens support, chargers, cables, and other essential accessories. 3. *Filmmaking Gear*: Microphones, gimbals, tripods, lights, and other equipment required for video production. 4. *Bags & Straps*: Selection of bags and straps designed specifically for carrying camera gear and accessories. 5. *Audio*: A range of audio equipment including headphones, speakers, and recording devices. **Online Learning** In addition to their product offerings, Moment also provides a learning platform called Moment Lessons. These are online classes taught by experienced photographers and filmmakers that cover different aspects of photography and videography, such as mobile photography techniques, drone cinematography, or narrative storytelling. **Moment Pro Membership** The Moment Pro Membership is a subscription service that offers users access to exclusive discounts on gear, free shipping on orders within the U.S., priority customer support, extended warranty coverage on certain products, and early access to sales and new product releases. This program is designed to provide additional value for those who frequently purchase products from Moment. **Shipping & Returns** Moment ships worldwide with varying shipping rates depending on the destination country. They also offer a 30-day return policy on most products if the customer is not satisfied with their purchase.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 301M-500M
  8. NordVPNCustom Cart
    Online VPN service that encrypts your internet traffic and hides your IP with physical location. Upgrade your privacy and security now.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 31M-50M
  9. Razer United StatesCustom Cart
    Razer is a global technology company that specializes in providing high-performance gaming hardware, software, and systems. Founded in 2005, Razer has rapidly become a leading brand for gamers worldwide. **Product Offerings** Razer offers a wide range of gaming products, including laptops, keyboards, mice, headsets, controllers, and mouse pads. They also provide streaming gear such as microphones, webcams, lighting solutions, and capture cards. In addition to hardware products, Razer develops software to enhance the gaming experience and the **RazerStore** Razer provides an online store where users can directly purchase their products. The website features exclusive deals and promotions throughout the year. They also provide warranty support and assistance for their customers. ** Community** Razer has a strong community of fans and gamers participating in forums on their website. Here, users can discuss their experiences with products, seek technical support or advice from fellow gamers or Razer employees. **Esports Sponsorships** Razer actively supports esports by sponsoring professional gaming teams and providing them with cutting-edge hardware for training and competing in tournaments.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1B-10B
    Estimated monthly visitors: 1M-10M
  10. Newegg.caCustom Cart
    Newegg offers the best prices on computer products, laptop computers, LED LCD TVs, digital cameras, electronics, unlocked phones, office supplies, and more with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Newegg shopping upgraded™
    Estimated monthly revenue: 11B-20B
  11. GameStopSalesforce Commerce Cloud
    Shop at GameStop online at, via the GameStop app or in stores. Welcome to the world's largest retail gaming and trade-in destination. Find current gen and next-gen consoles, games and accessories for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo, along with a wide selection of gamer-centric apparel, collectibles & more.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 31B-50B
  12. Micro CenterCustom Cart
    Micro Center is a leading American retailer of consumer electronics and computer hardware, operating both brick-and-mortar stores and an online shopping platform. Founded in 1979, the company has become a popular destination for buying computers, computer components, networking equipment, electronics accessories, software, gaming consoles, and more. **Product categories** Micro Center offers a wide range of products under various categories including: - Computers and laptops - PC components - Networking equipment - Printers and scanners - Monitors and projectors - Portable electronics (such as smartphones and tablets) - Gaming consoles and accessories - Computer accessories (keyboard, mice, webcams) - Home entertainment (TVs, audio systems) - DIY electronics (Arduino, Raspberry Pi) **Special offers** Micro Center features regular sales promotions and special offers on a variety of items. They offer price matching against other retailers to ensure customers get the best deal possible. They also have a dedicated 'Hot Ad Deals' section on their website showcasing their current discounts and promotions. **Store locations** There are currently 25 brick-and-mortar Micro Center stores across the United States in major cities like New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Denver, and more. Customers can use their online store locator to find the nearest store. **Customer support** Micro Center provides customer support through various channels such as email, phone support, live chat on their website, and in-store assistance. Additionally, they have an extensive online help center that covers various topics like product guides, repair services, warranties, returns & refunds policy.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1B-10B
    Estimated monthly visitors: 1M-10M
  13. Dell USACustom Cart
    Dell is a multinational technology company that specializes in the design, development, and sale of various computer products and services. The company's official website offers a wide range of products and solutions, including laptops, desktops, servers, storage devices, networking equipment, monitors, and accessories. They also provide software and support services for both consumers and businesses. **Consumer Products** Dell's consumer product line includes their popular Inspiron, XPS, Alienware, and G Series laptops and desktop computers. They cater to different user needs like gaming, performance computing, and everyday use. Additionally, Dell offers monitors, peripherals like keyboards and mice, audio equipment, docking stations, as well as accessories for upgrading or customization purposes. **Business Solutions** Their business-oriented solutions include Latitude laptops, OptiPlex desktops, Precision workstations, PowerEdge servers for data centers and business applications. The website also provides services like data protection & backup solutions, cloud computing solutions IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), cybersecurity tools & services to ensure business continuity. **Customer Support** Dell provides customer support through various channels like phone support or live chat on their website. Users can troubleshoot technical issues using the online support resources. These resources include FAQs, forums for peer-to-peer support, videos & tutorials for self-help guides. **Ordering & Financing** Visitors can purchase products directly from Dell's website with multiple payment options. Dell also offers financing options such as Dell Financial Services catering to diverse customer needs in managing the payment process.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 11B-20B
    Estimated monthly visitors: 11M-20M
  14. Western DigitalCustom Cart
    Western Digital, leaders in digital storage solutions compatible with Mac and PC. FREE shipping, friendly support, and 30-day return policy on storage products.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1B-10B
  15. SteelSeriesCustom Cart
    SteelSeries is a leading manufacturer of gaming peripherals and accessories, including headsets, keyboards, mice, and mousepads.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1M-10M
    Estimated monthly visitors: 501K-1M
  16. Silhouette AmericaCustom Cart
    Silhouette America is a company that specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing electronic cutting systems and related products for home crafting enthusiasts. They offer an extensive range of innovative tools, materials, and software that empower users to create intricate designs with ease. **Product Line** Silhouette America offers various cutting machines, including the Silhouette Cameo, Silhouette Portrait, and Silhouette Curio. These machines provide versatile cutting capabilities for various materials like cardstock, vinyl, fabric, and more. Additionally, they offer a wide range of accessories such as blades, mats, and pens to enhance your crafting experience. **Software** Silhouette Studio is the company's proprietary design software that allows users to create custom designs for their projects. It is compatible with both Windows and macOS systems. The software is available in multiple tiers: Basic Edition (free), Designer Edition (paid upgrade), Business Edition (paid upgrade), and more. Upgrading unlocks additional features for more advanced users. **Design Store** The Silhouette Design Store offers thousands of ready-made designs and fonts for purchase. Users can access the store through the Silhouette Studio software or online via their website. Designs offered include various categories such as holidays, home décor, cards, 3D projects, and more. **Tutorials & Support** Silhouette America provides comprehensive customer support through various channels including an online community forum, video tutorials on their YouTube channel, an FAQ section on their website, and direct email support.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 501M-1B
  17. NVIDIACustom Cart
    NVIDIA is a multinational technology company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of graphics processing units (GPUs) and system-on-a-chip units (SoCs). The company is widely recognized for its popular GeForce series of GPUs, which are commonly used for gaming, professional visualization, and high-performance computing. **Products and services** NVIDIA offers a wide range of products and services such as GPUs for gaming, artificial intelligence (AI), data centers, autonomous vehicles, virtual reality, and professional visualization. They also develop AI platforms and software tools like CUDA, DeepStream SDK, and TensorRT. In addition to hardware products, NVIDIA provides software solutions, including graphics drivers and GeForce Experience for gamers. **Industries served** NVIDIA caters to various industries like gaming, automotive, healthcare, media and entertainment, smart cities infrastructure, and more. Their technologies power solutions in high-performance computing, AI technology development, research laboratories, supercomputing centers, etc. **News and resources** The website features the latest news about NVIDIA products and technologies through blog posts, press releases, technical articles, white papers, webinars, podcasts, case studies, videos, etc. They also provide customer support through their knowledge base or support center. **Developer community** NVIDIA maintains an active developer community on its website by offering SDKs (software development kits), APIs (application programming interfaces), libraries of tools for developers working on game development or AI algorithms. This developer community helps foster innovation within the ecosystem built around NVIDIA's hardware offerings.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 11B-20B
    Estimated monthly visitors: 1M-10M
  18. Creality 3DShoplazza
    Creality is a Chinese 3D printer manufacturer and online store that specializes in producing and selling a variety of high-quality and affordable 3D printers, 3D printing accessories, and filaments. The brand is well-known for its popular Ender and CR series of 3D printers. **Product Range** Creality offers a wide range of product categories, including FDM 3D printers, resin 3D printers, flexible filaments, PLA filaments, high-precision filaments, upgraded parts, spare parts, and other 3D printing accessories. **Technical Support & Community** Creality provides comprehensive technical support for their customers. They offer customer service through email as well as online resources such as troubleshooting guides, video tutorials, and FAQs. Additionally, they foster an active online community where users can share their knowledge, experiences and discuss various aspects of 3D printing. **Software Download & Firmware Update** On the Creality website, users can find a dedicated section for downloading slicing software and obtaining the latest firmware updates for their 3D printers. This ensures that customers can easily maintain their devices with up-to-date software. **Warranty & After-sales Support** Creality offers a limited warranty on their products along with after-sales support services to assist customers with any issues related to product performance or quality. This commitment to customer satisfaction helps establish trust and reliability with their user base.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 301M-500M
  19. Office Depot MexicoSAP Commerce Cloud
    Compra en línea lo mejor en artículos de oficina, laptops, tablets, televisiones, impresoras, multifuncionales, cajas de papel, computadoras, sillas, escritorios, archiveros, cartuchos de tinta, tóners, artículos escolares, en hot sale o buen fin.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 51B-100B
    Estimated monthly visitors: 21K-30K
  20. Roccat-USAShopify
    ROCCAT is a leading gaming peripherals brand that designs and manufactures a wide range of gaming products such as keyboards, mice, headsets, and accessories. Founded in 2007 in Hamburg, Germany, the company has won multiple awards for the quality and design of its products. **Products** ROCCAT offers a variety of gaming peripherals, including: 1. Gaming Keyboards: Mechanical and membrane keyboards with customizable RGB lighting and advanced features for enhanced gaming performance. 2. Gaming Mice: Ergonomic and customizable mice with options like adjustable DPI, programmable buttons, and advanced sensor technologies. 3. Gaming Headsets: High-quality headsets with immersive sound quality, comfortable fit, and compatibility with various platforms. 4. Mouse Pads: Various sizes and materials designed to provide optimal control and precision for gamers. 5. Accessories: A selection of other gaming-related products such as ergonomic wrist rests, replacement keycaps, and carrying cases. **Software** ROCCAT also provides the Swarm software suite to help users manage their devices' settings easily. It allows customization of lighting effects, macro programming, saving multiple profiles for different games or configurations, and monitoring device statistics. **Community & Support** ROCCAT maintains an active social media presence where they regularly engage with the gaming community. They share product news, promotions, giveaways, and offer customer support through their channels as well. Additionally, on their official website, users can access product manuals, drivers, FAQs, or contact the support team for any queries or technical issues.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 201M-300M