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Explore the comprehensive list of eCommerce websites, find out their monthly traffic, revenue, domain ranking, and social media following. Learn about the software and eCommerce platforms they use to achieve their accomplishments. Take inspiration from their latest email campaigns that help them drive growth.

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  1. Amy Myers MD®Shopify
    Amy Myers, MD®. Empowering people around the world take back their health using a pioneering approach to Functional Medicine.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 101M-200M
  2. LLSCustom Cart
    The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has been the largest nonprofit funder of blood cancer research since 1949. Visit us to learn more about how you can help.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1M-10M
  3. National Eczema AssociationCustom Cart
    Resources for people living with eczema, atopic dermatitis, nummular eczema, nummular dermatitis, how to help babies & children with eczema.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1M-10M
  4. Waterpik® Official SiteCustom Cart
    Waterpik is a brand that specializes in oral health care products and innovative showerheads. The brand is known for developing high-quality water flossers, portable dental equipment, and advanced shower technology. Their products are designed to improve oral hygiene, gum health, and **Product Categories** Waterpik offers a diverse range of products in the following categories: 1. **Water Flossers:** Water flossers are the flagship product of the brand. They offer countertop, cordless and combo models that efficiently remove plaque and debris from teeth using water pressure. 2. **Sonic-Fusion:** The Sonic-Fusion flossing toothbrush combines the effectiveness of an electric toothbrush and water flosser in one convenient device. 3. **Showerheads:** Waterpik also manufactures a variety of innovative showerheads that provide powerful water streams with massage and eco-friendly settings. 4. **Replacement Parts & Accessories:** The website offers replacement parts like tips, brushes, hoses, and various accessories for its products. **Support & Resources** Customers can find support through various resources on the website, including: 1. **Instruction Manuals:** Downloadable instruction manuals for all products. 2. **Online Registration:** Product registration for warranty purposes and updates. 3. **FAQs:** Frequently asked questions related to product maintenance and troubleshooting. 4. **Video Resources:** Instructional videos demonstrating how to use their products effectively. **Where to Buy** Waterpik products can be purchased directly from the website or through other authorized retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and various pharmacies worldwide.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 501M-1B
  5. Quest NutritionShopify
    Quest Nutrition is a company focused on creating high-quality, low-carb protein snacks and food options. Established in 2010, this innovative brand has made its mission to revolutionize the way people consume and enjoy their favorite snacks in a healthy manner without sacrificing taste or indulgence. **Product Line** Quest Nutrition offers a wide range of products, including protein bars, protein cookies, protein chips, protein powders, and keto-friendly treats. All their products are designed to cater to various dietary needs such as gluten-free, soy-free, and low in sugar. **Ingredients and Quality** They take pride in using high-quality ingredients and the latest baking technology to ensure the taste and texture of their products are on par with traditional comfort foods while maintaining an **Community and Resources** Apart from their product offerings, Quest Nutrition also provides various resources to its customers such as recipes, fitness tips, motivational articles, and support through social media platforms. They have a strong online presence that fosters a sense of community among health-conscious consumers. **Availability** Quest Nutrition products can be purchased directly through their website, as well as being available at major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, GNC, and other nutrition-centric stores across the globe.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 301M-500M
  6. BulkSupplements.comShopify
    BulkSupplements is an online retailer that specializes in providing a wide selection of high-quality, pure nutritional supplements in bulk. Their product range is quite extensive, covering areas such as sports nutrition, weight management, health and wellness, and even products specifically tailored for men and women. All of their products undergo rigorous laboratory testing for purity and quality assurance. **Products** Some of the main categories of products offered by BulkSupplements include amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, herbal extracts, protein powder, and other supplements beneficial for various health goals. The brand's commitment to purity ensures that most of their supplements are free from additives, fillers, or artificial ingredients. **Customization and Packaging** BulkSupplements offers customers the flexibility to purchase supplements in varying sizes and quantities, ranging from smaller sample-sized packages to larger quantities that allow for customization based on individual needs. **Quality Control** To provide the best possible products to customers, BulkSupplements has strict quality control measures in place. All supplements are produced in an FDA-registered facility following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Laboratory testing is conducted on-site to ensure high purity levels and verify the absence of harmful contaminants. **Customer Support** BulkSupplements prides itself on excellent customer service. Customers can contact their support team with any questions or concerns via email or phone. The brand also offers a comprehensive FAQ section on its website to assist customers in understanding various aspects of supplements and their usage.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 101M-200M
  7. HealthKartCustom Cart
    Buy 100% Genuine 💪 Bodybuilding, Vitamins & Health Supplements Online at Best Prices. ✅ 20 Lac+ Happy Customers ✅ Fast Shipping
    Estimated monthly revenue: 301M-500M
  8. Intimate RoseShopify
    Intimate Rose is a brand that specializes in women's health products, offering a range of high-quality items designed to improve pelvic health and **Product categories** Intimate Rose offers various pelvic health products, including: 1. Kegel Exercise Weights: Designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and improve bladder control, prolapse symptoms, and sexual wellness. 2. Dilators: These can help women who experience discomfort or pain during sex by gently stretching and relaxing vaginal muscles. 3. Pelvic Wand: A uniquely shaped device for pelvic trigger point therapy to relieve muscle tension and alleviate pelvic pain. 4. Supplements: Premium supplements to support bladder health, prenatal wellness, and postnatal care. **Resources** Aside from their product offerings, Intimate Rose also provides valuable resources including videos, blog articles, and expert advice on their website. These resources cover various topics related to women's health, such as pelvic floor exercises, pregnancy tips, postpartum recovery, and more. **Certifications & Partnerships** Intimate Rose is trusted by professionals, as evidenced by their partnership with the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) - Section on Women’s Health. The brand has also earned certifications ensuring the safety and quality of its products, such as FDA registration for their kegel exercise weights.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 301M-500M
  9. GHOSTShopify
    GHOST® at its simplest form is the world's first lifestyle sports nutrition brand. the name GHOST® and mantra "be seen" come from that feeling of being behind the scenes and wanting to be heard, wanting to make an impact; we're all ghosts. This is our time.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 201M-300M
  10. 310 NutritionShopify
    310 Nutrition is a health and wellness company that offers a wide range of products designed to help individuals achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. Their product line includes meal replacement shakes, dietary supplements, and wellness accessories. **Meal Replacement Shakes** The brand's flagship product is their 310 Shake, a meal replacement shake formulated to provide essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, while maintaining a low calorie count. These shakes are designed to aid in weight loss by providing a satisfying and nutritious meal alternative. **Supplements** 310 Nutrition also offers various dietary supplements that can support different aspects of health and wellness, such as boosting energy levels or improving sleep quality. Some popular supplements include 310 Metaboost, 310 Lemonade, and 310 Thin. **Wellness Accessories** In addition to nutritional products, they also sell branded fitness accessories such as shaker bottles, gym bags, weight scales, and yoga mats to promote a healthy lifestyle. **Community Support** One of the most notable aspects of 310 Nutrition is their online community where customers share their personal experiences, tips for success, and encourage one another in reaching their goals. The company also provides helpful resources such as blogs and newsletters featuring expert advice on health and wellness topics.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 301M-500M
  11. DiabetesStrong.comWooCommerce
    Diabetes Strong is an online platform dedicated to providing valuable information, support, and resources for people living with diabetes. The primary objective of the website is to educate and empower individuals to manage their diabetes effectively and maintain a healthy lifestyle. **Content and Topics** The content on Diabetes Strong focuses on various aspects of diabetes management, including nutrition, exercise, mental health, and treatment options. The articles are well-researched and offer practical tips and insights to help people with diabetes make informed decisions about their health. **Founder and Team** The website was founded by Christel Oerum, a certified personal trainer and diabetes advocate who is living with type 1 diabetes. Together with her husband, Tobias, they form the core team behind Diabetes Strong. They collaborate with other experts in the field of diabetes care to bring relevant knowledge and experience to their audience. **Recipes Section** Diabetes Strong offers a comprehensive recipe section featuring healthy and delicious meal options for people with diabetes. These recipes are designed to ensure balanced nutrition while keeping blood sugar levels stable. **Fitness Guides** The website also contains fitness guides curated by its founder, Christel Oerum, which can be beneficial for both beginners and advanced individuals looking to incorporate exercise into their diabetes management plan. **Community** Finally, Diabetes Strong has a community aspect offering support through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. This allows users to connect with others who share similar experiences and learn from each other in their journey towards better diabetes management.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 301M-500M
  12. WholefullyWooCommerce
    Become a dinner-time hero with our hundreds of easy, healthy, family-friendly recipes that have been home-tested in our family kitchen.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 501M-1B
  13. PreventionMagento
    Prevention is a health and wellness website focused on providing its audience with expert advice and tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Content on the website covers various topics, like fitness, nutrition, weight loss, mental health, sleep, and age-related health issues. Prevention aims to help people make informed decisions about their diet, exercise routines, and **Content Categories** - **Fitness:** The website offers workout routines, exercise tips, and inspiration for staying active, targeting various goals such as strength training, cardiovascular health, and flexibility. - **Nutrition:** Prevention provides healthy recipes, meal plans, and evidence-based nutrition advice to promote a balanced diet. - **Weight Loss:** The site covers various approaches to weight loss through diet modifications, exercise plans, and habit changes in a healthy manner. - **Health Conditions:** Prevention educates readers about age-related health issues or conditions like diabetes or heart diseases and suggests preventive measures for maintaining good health. - **Mental Health:** The website addresses topics related to mental well-being by providing stress management techniques, self-care advice, and tips for improving emotional resilience. **Additional Features** Prevention also offers additional features like exclusive workout videos from certified trainers and access to expert advice. They have a print magazine option available with additional content not found on their website.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1B-10B
    Estimated monthly visitors: 1M-10M
  14. AsktheDentist.comWooCommerce
    Ask The Dentist is an online platform dedicated to providing accurate, trustworthy, and up-to-date dental health information. The website's primary focus is to educate users about oral health, dental procedures, and treatments. It is led by Dr. Mark Burhenne, a practicing family and cosmetic dentist with over 30 years of experience. **Content** The content on Ask The Dentist covers a wide range of dental topics, such as dental care tips, nutrition for oral health, dental anxiety management, and reviews of dental products. Additionally, the website offers guides and suggestions for finding the right dentist and understanding various dental procedures. **Expert Contributors** Ask The Dentist features content written by Dr. Burhenne himself as well as other knowledgeable professionals in the field of dentistry. Their expertise ensures that the provided information is accurate and up to date with current advancements in dentistry. **Accessibility** The website is easy to navigate thanks to its clean design and well-organized sections. Users can quickly find information on various topics through a user-friendly menu or search function. **Audience** Ask The Dentist targets a broad audience interested in learning more about oral health or seeking solutions to their dental issues. The website's tone remains informative yet approachable, making it suitable for readers with varying levels of familiarity with dental care.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 201M-300M
  15. Feel Good Contacts UKCustom Cart
    Feel Good Contacts is a reputable online retailer specializing in selling contact lenses, eye care products, and designer sunglasses at competitive prices. Their mission is to provide customers with a quick, easy, and efficient shopping experience. **Product range** The company offers a wide selection of contact lenses, including daily, weekly, and monthly disposables from major brands like Acuvue, Bausch & Lomb, CooperVision, and Alcon. They also provide toric lenses for astigmatism, multifocal lenses for presbyopia, and colored contact lenses for cosmetic purposes. **Eye care products and sunglasses** In addition to contact lenses, Feel Good Contacts provides a variety of eye care products such as eye drops, contact lens solutions, and eye vitamins. The company also offers an extensive range of designer sunglasses from popular brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, and Gucci. **Shipping and returns** Feel Good Contacts ships internationally with standard delivery options as well as next-day delivery services in the UK. The company has a hassle-free returns policy allowing customers to return unopened items within 365 days for a full refund or exchange. **Customer support** The company prides itself on its exceptional customer service, offering support through live chat, email, or phone. Customers can also consult their comprehensive FAQ section on the website for common queries related to ordering and product information.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 101M-200M
  16. RitualCustom Cart
    Committed to creating the purest, most effective formulations for everyday health, and sharing every ingredient, source & scientist behind our products.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1M-10M
  17. LegionWooCommerce
    Natural, science-based sports supplements. Shop pre-workout, post-workout, fat burners, protein powder, multivitamins, and more at Legion.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1M-10M
  18. www.pinkyparadise.comShopify
    PinkyParadise is a popular online retailer specializing in colored contact lenses, circle lenses, and cosmetic accessories. Founded in 2006, the brand aims to provide fashionable and high-quality products to its customers worldwide. With a vast array of colors, designs, and lens types, PinkyParadise caters to both cosmetic and prescription needs. **Product Categories** PinkyParadise offers various product categories such as: 1. Colored contact lenses: These cosmetic lenses come in a range of colors and styles, including natural-looking shades, vibrant hues, and anime-inspired designs. 2. Circle lenses: These lenses create an enlarging effect on the eyes for a more youthful or dramatic appearance. 3. Toric lenses: For those with astigmatism, PinkyParadise offers a selection of toric lenses. 4. Accessories: The website also sells lens cases, eye drops, makeup products, and beauty tools. **Brands Offered** PinkyParadise features several well-known contact lens brands including Geo Medical, Princess Pinky, EOS, Vassen, iFairy, ColorVue, Super Pinky, and more. **Shipping and Returns** The company ships worldwide with different delivery options such as Standard Shipping and Express Shipping. Return policies apply to specific conditions like unopened products or manufacturing defects. **Safety and Quality** PinkyParadise ensures that all contact lenses sold on their website are certified by international health organizations such as the US FDA and CE (European Conformity). The brand prioritizes customer safety while offering fashionable and unique eye-enhancing products.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 301M-500M
  19. Protein WorksMagento
    Protein powders, protein snacks and protein foods - we've got the lot! THE PROTEIN WORKS™ is a multi-award winning brand offering a massive range of premium grade supplements at exceptional prices to help you achieve your goals. #onlythededicated
    Estimated monthly revenue: 31M-50M
  20. NatrolShopify
    Natrol is a leading vitamins and supplements manufacturer that specializes in delivering high-quality, innovative products to support consumer's health and wellness journey. With over 35 years of experience in the supplements industry, Natrol offers a comprehensive range of products focused on various health categories, such as sleep aid, stress & anxiety relief, women's health, immune support, brain health, and beauty & skin care. **Product Categories** Some of the key product categories at Natrol include: - Sleep Aid: Melatonin supplements in various forms like gummies, tablets, and fast-dissolve to help support better sleep. - Stress & Anxiety Relief: 5-HTP and L-theanine supplements aimed at helping reduce stress and anxiety levels. - Women's Health: Supplements for menopause & PMS relief, hair rejuvenation and skin health. - Immune Support: Vitamin C and immune system-boosting supplements. - Brain Health: Brain health supplements such as Cognium to help improve memory and focus. - Beauty & Skin Care: Biotin supplements for improving hair, skin, and nails quality. **Quality and Safety** Natrol is committed to maintaining high quality in their products. They operate under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines set by regulatory agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Additionally, their products are tested for purity and potency by third-party laboratories. **Where to Buy** Natrol products can be purchased through their website or from various retail partners like Amazon, Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Target, and other online platforms or physical stores.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 101M-200M