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Frequently Asked Questions

Where the reviews come from?

The reviews on our page come from AfterShip Reviews app, a trusted and popular review collection tool for online stores. This app allows us to collect reviews from our customers through your store and AfterShip mobile app , ensuring that the reviews you see are genuine and submitted by real customers who have interacted with our store.

How does AfterShip verify the reviews?

When use AfterShip Reviews app to collect customer reviews. The store owners have full control over which reviews are published. All reviews go through a verification process before they are made public on our page.

When a shopper leaves a review through the AfterShip mobile app, AfterShip verifies that the shopper has placed an order with this store. This helps to ensure that the reviews are legitimate and submitted by customers who have actually buyer of

Can I embed the reviews to my store?

Yes, you can embed all reviews to your own store once you have installed AfterShip Reviews app. This feature is available with the app and allows you to showcase your customer reviews directly on your store's website. By embedding reviews from AfterShip Reviews app, you can provide social proof to potential customers and demonstrate the value of your products or services.

Learn more about AfterShip Reviews.

Can I manage the reviews?

Yes, you can manage all your reviews with AfterShip Reviews app. The app provides a variety of features that allow you to monitor and respond to customer feedback, ensuring that you can provide excellent customer service and address any concerns or issues that customers may have.

To manage your reviews, you will need to install AfterShip Reviews app. Once installed, you can access the app's dashboard, which allows you to view all submitted reviews in one place. From there, you can choose to approve or reject reviews, as well as respond to customer feedback directly.

Can I reply to the reviewers?

Yes, you can reply to the reviewers in AfterShip Reviews app. The app allows you to respond to customer reviews directly, providing excellent customer service and addressing any concerns or issues that customers may have.

To reply to a review, please install AfterShip Reviews app and navigate to the review in dashboard.